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Think Clearly.

Nook is more than a note-taking app. It’s your personal knowledge base for everything you need to know and do.


How does it work?

Nook helps you capture, organize, and surface everything you need to remember:
•  Quickly capture thoughts, ideas, and action items, push important messages from Slack, and add webpages from Chrome or iOS directly to your notes
•  Intelligently organize information by creating links between notes, topics, events, and contacts
•  Automatically surface relevant insights before you need or think to search for them

Why should I use it?

Unlike basic notetaking apps and knowledge management tools, Nook helps users feel less scattered and provides clarity by consolidating all your important information in a single app, easily capturing and instinctively organizing everything you want to remember, so you don’t have to plan and navigate any complicated folder structures or hierarchies.

How much does it cost?

Nook will be free until we’ve created a product worth paying a monthly/yearly subscription for.

What do I need to use it?

Early adopters must use apps from the Google ecosystem (Gmail, Calendar) and have an iOS phone and Mac computer to get the most out of Nook.

How will I get onboarded?

Once it’s your turn to come off the waitlist, the Nook team will schedule a 30 min 1:1 call to walk you through the app and answer any questions.

Is there a way to move up the waitlist?

Priority will be given to people who use their professional email addresses to join the waitlist. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to increase your chances of skipping the queue. (Bonus points will be given to anyone who Tweets or posts on LinkedIn about Nook.)

Who’s behind Nook?

Nook is built by the all-stars behind the “OG business calendar app,” (a precursor to Calendly acquired by BlackBerry in 2011), and the “Instagram for business,” Foko (acquired by WorkForce in 2021).